Monday, 4 March 2013

Some tips from me to no one as no one goes on thisss

So everyone who looks at this knows I self harm and stuff like that but I'm trying to stop, the only way I'm managing is by almost hurting myself in other ways.
It's not the same as cutting granted but it's not as bad and obvious.
I'm stretching my ear, I'm just up to 5mm which is still small (he's called Gerald btw) but it gives me that pain I need and haven't cut since January now so I'm very proud of myself for that as I still need it to help me. Just my mom and dad hate them and knows nothing so far but it's gonna be easier to explain than cuts up my atm as I have so many scars already.
Also chocolate is awesome for it
And sex
That's it for now will probs be on later as I'm stressed about something that could potentially change my life if I don't sort it :(
Peace out guys xo

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